lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Why I decided to study geography??

Hello , the second task to English class is about Why I decide to study geography? Well, I decided to study geography because I ‘ve always been interested in everything related to the physical environment of our planet. Although this career includes other topics that are related also to the human side of geography. But the most attractive of career is that each subject has a field trip to complement the class better.
With respect to who helped me to decide to study geography, this was a personal decision without the intervention of my family or friends. I investigated on my own about careers related to the study of the earth and this was why I finally decided. I have not thought of regret about my decision. Now I can’t regret, because I have no time to consider another career. Because now I can’t go back with my decision. I see my future positively, so I would like to specialize in any field of physical geography. For example, I would like to dedicate to studies and mechanisms related to the conservation of the biodiversity of our planet. On the other hand, I also interested in the field of environmental impact assessment.
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My good friend

Hello classmate, I’m goig to talk about my good friend. She is Viviana and love her very much because we’ve Known since childhood. We were studying together in the primary and high school. We known about twenty years ago.
As I told you earlier, the place where we met was our school. We studied together throughout the school season, even were in the same university but studying different things.
Today she lives in Rancagua, wherefore we don’t see very often. She lives so far from my home. Then we get together once a month or less often.
Why you get on well with this person? Because, she is a person with a very light character and is very funny. When we have time, usually we get together to go camping to somewhere far from the city and we accompany our boyfriends who are also friends.
My friend Vivi has many qualities; she knows how to listen when I tell her something and also understands my problems. She loves nature and she is interested in a protected and preserving the environment. For this reason she decided to live away from the contamination of Santiago.She is a very good person.
Why you get on well with this person.

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martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

An interesting blog

The first impression I had this blog was very good because it’s design and color resemble nature and that is very pleasing visually.
I like to visit because it’s an interesting and popular blog and it has many comments of classmate. On this blog there are nine posts in total.
This blog has a video of single “Love song” by Sara Bareilles, this is a beautiful song. Also, each post has an image referred to the topic. The format used on this blog is the typical format used by the majority of classmates, but it has the personal touch of Patricia. The left side of the blog are the personal data whit a respective photo and below are the contact with a beautiful picture of the lemon flower is part of the decorations of this blog
This blog is one of my favourites and is the firts blog that I post in english class.
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