miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

My Daughter

Hello classmate , I’d like you to meet my daughter. She is Mariana and is a special girl. She is ten years old and is in fifth grade of primary. She is very nice and loves to make friends. One of its virtuos is to paint and act. She has very developed his artistic side, loves to act out scenes from Disney movies and paint things to give away. She is a very sensitive girl who loves animals and suffer greatly when something bad happens.
Now his concern is to make his first communion. She is very excited about this event because all his classmates also will do it. She likes events involving many people.
I love my doughter and is the most important thing i have in life.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

World cup 2010: Chile v/s Honduras

Well. When the match between Honduras and Chile started I was watching the soccer game in my home. My parents were sleeping and my daughter was wake and was waiting to go to the school. At the time, I stayed alone in my home. I don´t like be alone.
Before the game I was writing essay for my subject “Conservation and Biodiversity”. This subject is very difficult for me, so I have to be very hard working. But I couldn´t concentrate, i was very nervous because I hadn´t finished my work, so I ended up feeling very tired.
After to do my work , i can enjoy the game overall when Chile to scored a goal. I was very exciting.
In my best Chileans players were Sanchez, he is a virtuous football player, he was the great figure of the and Jean Bausejour is very good football player. I think there‘s not Chilean player worst because the Chilean selection that play this football world cup are highly- trained and are all players of excellent level.

I really think that Chile could leave so far in this world cup but I don’t think that Chile can win the world cup final. There are some football teams very hard to beat. However, I would love to win the final world cup my country, it would be something special.

I just hope doesn’t lose the next game when they face Switzerland. I want to keep watching to Chile to participate in the South Africa word cup.