sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2010

In London!!!

I think that when you visit London will visit many places ... I hope to visit all the places I have in mind! but I think that I would not miss for any reason would be the Buckingham Palace gate because this is a representative of the history of the United Kingdom.

Other interesting place to go is The London Eye because offers a unique opportunity to view all of London from the biggest observation wheel in the world.

I would also like to visit some castles and parks such as Windsor Castle or Kensington Gardens.

I really think you can not visit all these places in a week but dreaming does not cost anything.

see you London!

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010


In my childhood my favorite game was to skip rope. In the school I played to jump rope in my break and we competed with my classmate. This play was my passion until 10 years old. I enjoy too much jumping with my friends. Even there are many games with songs to practice while you’re jumping.

To play jump rope only need a long rope and least three persons, two to take the rope and turn rope and one person to jump. But in the game many people can participate. The idea of playing with the rope is that you can make different performance to jump rope. There are songs associated with the game of jump rope that will guide what should be done while jumping.

Really i don't remember who taught me how to jump rope but i think i learned to jump rope with my school friends.

I played jumping riope everey day when I was in my school,Really, Every week.

Also , there are other ganes that I love like to play hide. I really enjoyed this game because I had a lot of adrenaline especially if we hid in the night. We played this game often with my cousins almost every weekend because they were the days of visiting my grandmother and met the whole family. In my family there are many cousins, then this game was very fun because you had to find a lot of children in many places, they let us play in the street, that was good because I would not let me go out less at night . I think they did well just to get rid of annoying child

see you!.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

A great woman

the greatest of all time Chile's Violeta Parra. She is a Chilean composer. She was born on October 4, 1917, in San Carlos, Chillan, a city in southern Chile. She was a woman with a strong caracther and had a great passion for music, because it came from the Family of flolklorist. His father, Nicanor Parra, folklorist know taugh to sing.
His death is not clear. She committed suicide on February 5, 1967. Violet has just given his life with a gunshot to the head.
Violeta Parra's works were important because they were capable of transmitting a cultural legacy in Chilean folklore.
if it were possible for me to ask a question to Violeta Parra, I would ask her, why someone so successful and known througouth the world by the folklore of our land is shown with a big pain? This question I would Because Violeta Parra was a tragic death and lived his last days in a complicated historical context for our country.

I think she is a landmark for our country abroad because it showed the deepest part of our culture, folklore, this is very important because it allows the world recognize our identity from the art that many rural women engaged Chilean and many times was to make a living. This allows the value of crafts and folk songs remain as Chile's cultural heritage.

That is why the figure of this great woman is so important to our country, for its recognition not only in Chile but also abroad

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

An ideal Job

If I could choose a Job, i will choose a work related to with the nature. My ideal a job is in a tour for the ocean pacific or the caribean Sea or mediterranean Sea. Because, I makes it possible to travel, to know and to enjoy differents cultures. Really, my ideal job is travel for the world knowing others custom.
I think i would like to have a job with a hours very flexible or maybe no times. Really, I would like to work for season. So, to fill the remaining to time to enjoy somewhere that I want. i think that I love to work in tourism or to work in anything to related at tourism is a good and funny job. It´s the perfect complement for me. That better job that tourist guide.
I know a person that who has this kind of job and she tells me taht is very funny. She enjoys doing this job. Because , she can to travel always and in a differents times of the year. This person study geogaphy and works as tourist guide in a her free time, in vacations.

An interesting aspect of tourism is that it can work continuously innovate in the way of submitting work to tourists, depending on how it addresses what is to be disclosed.
Currently, it has developed increasingly eco-tourism as a way to help advance economic development zones with little, for example.

This is an area to which you can benefit substantially benefit both for the tourist place and for the people who live there.

A one on one

I would like meet Leonardo da vinci because was a supreme example of a Renaissance genius who possessed one of the greatest minds of all times.
Da Vinci was born April 15, 1452, and died May 2, 1519. He would wear pink to make his complexion look fresher. Leonardo never attended public school. He was raised by his single father. When Leonardo was fifteen he joined the studio af Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence.
Da Vinci studied philosophy, natural history, anatomy, biology, medicine, optics, acoustics, science, mathematics and hydraulics.

if given the chance to talk to him, ask him about his comprehensive knowledge. I wonder if it has any purpose in the life and if you leave a legacy. It also occurs to me asking how you would like to be remembered. Another question that comes to mind is to ask him is, if you prefer a theme that has specialized.

I think meeting this person would be interesting because is a genius. I really admire this person by his intellectual capacity and he has made a number of interesting discoveries to related with the art.

Da Vinci drew the first relaxed portraits with misty landscapes in the background. He used warm and passionate colours to create the misty look on the landscapes. Da Vinci had a different way of painting with mixing colours. Da Vinci did not put eyebrows on his painting.

Da Vinci changed the way people painted and made sculptures. Da Vinci was famous for the way he used light in his portraits. It seemed as if you could see into the soul of the paintings.

see youuu!!!

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

A perfect day

A idea of a perfect day for me, it’ s always together my doughter and my boyfriends. It isn´t necessary to have special things only to share a moment together . i like to spend time with this person because they are the persons most important for me.
But that of day will be really perfect, and if I was given a choose, I will plan a trip at the beach or at the lake near my city . Really , anywhere outdoors. I will go a this type the place because i think that in a place with nature, has benefits in all sense. A day in a beach together a the pesrsons that loves, or a lake or inclused in your home , it can be a perfect for me.
The main idea is i have near at the persons that I love.
However, travel to diference place , it´s more funny.
If now I to plan a perfect day, it’s will be at cajon del Maipo , and will takeaway mnecesary meals, delicius meals, such as sald, meat and pies , cookies ,and a lot of fruits and my swimsuit and enjoy the river and the landscape.
I really enjoy of simply things, such as a good music , a good meals and a good company. There is more than enought for me , and with this things I can have a oerfect day.
However , in this moment a day perfect for me will be to give a perfect day a my grandmother, she is a excelent person and i thik that she deserve to haver a perfect day because she live truied to give a perfect day at their grandchild and she had forget own person.

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010


Hello dear colleagues...

Santiago is a city with few places within this, to be visited by foreign tourists. Within these city are La Plaza de Armas, La Catedral Metropolitana, El Palacio de La Moneda, Cerro San Cristóbal, Cerro Santa Lucia, El Barrio Bellavista, Barrio Lastarria, Parque Forestal, El Pueblito de Los Dominicos, Nature Sanctuary Yerba Loca, National Reserve Río Clarillo, among others. But there are historical sites located in the center of Santiago, which should go first to understand part of the culture of our country, as is the Plaza de Armas. Next saw places where you can eat some typical and end the day at a nightclub in Barrio Bellavistas.
For me, the top 5 places in Santiago are: La Plaza de Armas, Parque Forestal, Barrio Bellavista, Nature Sanctuary Yerba Loca and National Reserve Río Clarillo.
But there are places of historical interest located in downtown Santiago as the Plaza de Armas, here is the metropolitan Cathedral which is is considered one of the tourist attractions for its great beauty both inside and out, there are also some sculptures and many street performers. Another interesting place to visit may be the Palacio de La Moneda, an institution that has to be the oldest of the Chilean nation. there is also a new museum.
A beautiful place in Santiago, is the Forest Park, located on the banks of the Rio Mapocho. This park is inspired by models based on nineteenth century European parks and has endless rows of trees, curved roads and endless activities.
Near this park is the Bellavista neighborhood, here are several attractions for tourists such as restaurants, cafes, theaters, pubs and places to dance at night. Besides this the metropolitan zoo and home of our poet Pablo Neruda called La Chascona.
Finally can not cover miss our beautiful natural landscapes such as Rio Clarillo National Reserve, is located in the foothills of the central area southeast of Santiago, in the commune of Pirque, has an endless species of trees, fauna, flora, etc. It also serves as a refuge for many species that are endangered.
I hope that my panorama looks interesting…