martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

A great woman

the greatest of all time Chile's Violeta Parra. She is a Chilean composer. She was born on October 4, 1917, in San Carlos, Chillan, a city in southern Chile. She was a woman with a strong caracther and had a great passion for music, because it came from the Family of flolklorist. His father, Nicanor Parra, folklorist know taugh to sing.
His death is not clear. She committed suicide on February 5, 1967. Violet has just given his life with a gunshot to the head.
Violeta Parra's works were important because they were capable of transmitting a cultural legacy in Chilean folklore.
if it were possible for me to ask a question to Violeta Parra, I would ask her, why someone so successful and known througouth the world by the folklore of our land is shown with a big pain? This question I would Because Violeta Parra was a tragic death and lived his last days in a complicated historical context for our country.

I think she is a landmark for our country abroad because it showed the deepest part of our culture, folklore, this is very important because it allows the world recognize our identity from the art that many rural women engaged Chilean and many times was to make a living. This allows the value of crafts and folk songs remain as Chile's cultural heritage.

That is why the figure of this great woman is so important to our country, for its recognition not only in Chile but also abroad

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