martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

An ideal Job

If I could choose a Job, i will choose a work related to with the nature. My ideal a job is in a tour for the ocean pacific or the caribean Sea or mediterranean Sea. Because, I makes it possible to travel, to know and to enjoy differents cultures. Really, my ideal job is travel for the world knowing others custom.
I think i would like to have a job with a hours very flexible or maybe no times. Really, I would like to work for season. So, to fill the remaining to time to enjoy somewhere that I want. i think that I love to work in tourism or to work in anything to related at tourism is a good and funny job. It´s the perfect complement for me. That better job that tourist guide.
I know a person that who has this kind of job and she tells me taht is very funny. She enjoys doing this job. Because , she can to travel always and in a differents times of the year. This person study geogaphy and works as tourist guide in a her free time, in vacations.

An interesting aspect of tourism is that it can work continuously innovate in the way of submitting work to tourists, depending on how it addresses what is to be disclosed.
Currently, it has developed increasingly eco-tourism as a way to help advance economic development zones with little, for example.

This is an area to which you can benefit substantially benefit both for the tourist place and for the people who live there.

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  1. Would you enjoy this job as much if it were in Chile?

  2. Nira, I have a little boat. You could begin for there. jajajaja

    success in your dreams!!