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Hello dear colleagues...

Santiago is a city with few places within this, to be visited by foreign tourists. Within these city are La Plaza de Armas, La Catedral Metropolitana, El Palacio de La Moneda, Cerro San Cristóbal, Cerro Santa Lucia, El Barrio Bellavista, Barrio Lastarria, Parque Forestal, El Pueblito de Los Dominicos, Nature Sanctuary Yerba Loca, National Reserve Río Clarillo, among others. But there are historical sites located in the center of Santiago, which should go first to understand part of the culture of our country, as is the Plaza de Armas. Next saw places where you can eat some typical and end the day at a nightclub in Barrio Bellavistas.
For me, the top 5 places in Santiago are: La Plaza de Armas, Parque Forestal, Barrio Bellavista, Nature Sanctuary Yerba Loca and National Reserve Río Clarillo.
But there are places of historical interest located in downtown Santiago as the Plaza de Armas, here is the metropolitan Cathedral which is is considered one of the tourist attractions for its great beauty both inside and out, there are also some sculptures and many street performers. Another interesting place to visit may be the Palacio de La Moneda, an institution that has to be the oldest of the Chilean nation. there is also a new museum.
A beautiful place in Santiago, is the Forest Park, located on the banks of the Rio Mapocho. This park is inspired by models based on nineteenth century European parks and has endless rows of trees, curved roads and endless activities.
Near this park is the Bellavista neighborhood, here are several attractions for tourists such as restaurants, cafes, theaters, pubs and places to dance at night. Besides this the metropolitan zoo and home of our poet Pablo Neruda called La Chascona.
Finally can not cover miss our beautiful natural landscapes such as Rio Clarillo National Reserve, is located in the foothills of the central area southeast of Santiago, in the commune of Pirque, has an endless species of trees, fauna, flora, etc. It also serves as a refuge for many species that are endangered.
I hope that my panorama looks interesting…

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