miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

My favourite shop

Hello dear classmate

today I want to tell about my favourite shop... I really i don't know that to tell you.. because i don't have a shop favourite, maybe can to be my almacen of the corner or maybe the shop of pancakes..

Really I don' t have a lot of money as such for go out the shopping.

But I think there's a place I like to shop and that is in “La Feria”. This is a place where you can find many things like vegetables, fruits, groceries, household items and most importantly a lot of second-hand clothes. this is the real reason why I love going to the fair. Actually die if this place did not exist.

I am absolutely convinced that this place is completely part of me, do not even remember when was the first time I went to “La Feria”. I think I'm going to the fair since I have Rason.

when I go to the fair in the first place, I always buy things needed for the meal of the week. But also I buy other things as not necessary as second-hand clothes. Consider going to this place as a must at least once a week. There is always something to buy here, and you can not get home with empty hands after to go at La Feria. I can tell you that my last purchase was a Hamster, was rescued from this place and I gave him a good home.

I think this place is a kind of shop because they sell a variety of items and there are places allocated according to their specialty.

miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Fiestas Patrias!!! iuuujuuu

Hello Simon and Classmate!

This is a topic that I like a lot of talk. Because for me is not another more fun celebration than the Fiestas Patrias and every year I’m expecting enthusiastically that this moment arrive, as they are one of the few times in the year that I enjoy so much with things that are unique to my country such as the food, music and games. That is why I have such fond memories of my childhood at this date, especially going out with my parents at the Fondas of the Parque O’Higgins.

I have only good memories of my childhood.

I also remember the celebrations that were held in the house of my maternal grandmother that gathered the whole family. This was the best because I could see cousins and uncles had not seen for a long time. This was the best because I could see cousins and uncles had not seen for a long time. These were my first night parties, since my parents let me sleep later.

Another important memory I have of this date, is my paternal grandfather who enjoyed much of Sept. 18 because he could enjoy chicha he did with his own hands and the whole family enjoyed it.

Comparing the vision he had as a child about national holidays, I feel that once was a time of reunion with family and where I enjoyed simple things like eating a empanadas was made by my grandmother. However, today this date remains the most entertaining because also enjoy a tasty meal you can go out with your friends and the panorama changes, because is not the same as the one you had as a child, now also we go out with friends and we only not enjoy a empanada now can enjoy a delicious Terremoto.

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010


I think that every people have the right to public demonstration and I also believe that to be heard in these times is necessary to draw the attention of the highest authorities through actions such as strikes to motivate stakeholders to demand real improvements in their demands.
Recently there was a demonstration that brought together a group of students from various faculties of this university, for the purpose of requiring profound improvements in higher education. In my opinion this type of events are valid because they are claiming something for the student community. Actually I agree with the strike at the university. I want a future that our country has a high quality education that all students can access it.
However, the right to strike that have every citizen has been repressed by the police force of our country with unnecessary violence as demonstrated by what happened in days spent in strike of our faculty.
In the last strike at the faculty of architecture, I did not participate in the strike for personal reasons but will always support these initiatives because I know they are in pursuit of a common good.
I also think it is admirable the work of all those classmate who have worked to defend public education and we need to assess all the effort they have put every day in the struggle for better education.
Finally, although I know for certain these demonstrations are not important, especially for those who are already out of the carreer I think it is always necessary that those who strive to have our support, since their struggle is for a better future for all.