martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

A perfect day

A idea of a perfect day for me, it’ s always together my doughter and my boyfriends. It isn´t necessary to have special things only to share a moment together . i like to spend time with this person because they are the persons most important for me.
But that of day will be really perfect, and if I was given a choose, I will plan a trip at the beach or at the lake near my city . Really , anywhere outdoors. I will go a this type the place because i think that in a place with nature, has benefits in all sense. A day in a beach together a the pesrsons that loves, or a lake or inclused in your home , it can be a perfect for me.
The main idea is i have near at the persons that I love.
However, travel to diference place , it´s more funny.
If now I to plan a perfect day, it’s will be at cajon del Maipo , and will takeaway mnecesary meals, delicius meals, such as sald, meat and pies , cookies ,and a lot of fruits and my swimsuit and enjoy the river and the landscape.
I really enjoy of simply things, such as a good music , a good meals and a good company. There is more than enought for me , and with this things I can have a oerfect day.
However , in this moment a day perfect for me will be to give a perfect day a my grandmother, she is a excelent person and i thik that she deserve to haver a perfect day because she live truied to give a perfect day at their grandchild and she had forget own person.

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